State Higher Education Finance FY 2014

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Author(s): State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO)

Published: Apr. 13, 2015

Report Intro/Brief:
"The State Higher Education Finance (SHEF) report is produced annually by the State Higher Education Executive Officers association (SHEEO) to broaden understanding of the context and consequences of multiple decisions made every year in every state in each of these areas. No single report can provide definitive answers to these broad and fundamental questions of public policy, but the SHEF report provides important context and information to help inform such decisions. The report includes:

  • An Overview and Highlights of national trends and the current status of state funding for higher education;
  • An explanation of the Measures, Methods, and Analytical Tools used in this report;
  • A description of the Revenue Sources and Uses for higher education, including state tax and nontax revenues, local tax support, tuition revenue, and the proportion of this funding available for general educational support;
  • An analysis of National Trends in Enrollment and Revenue, in particular, changes over time in the public resources available for general operating support;
  • Interstate Comparisons—Making Sense of Many Variables, using tables, charts, and graphs to compare data across states and over time; and
  • Indicators of relative State Wealth, Tax Effort, and Allocations for Higher Education, along with ways to take these factors into account when making interstate comparisons.

The SHEF report provides the earliest possible review of state and local support, tuition revenue, and enrollment trends for the most recent completed fiscal year."