“Ready-to-Learn” Grants for Child Education Technology/Media Development and Dissemination

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Subject: Education, Education Technology, Youth Development
Deadline: May. 26, 2015

"The Ready-to-Learn Television Program (Ready-to-Learn) is designed to:

  1. Facilitate school readiness and academic achievement by supporting the development and national distribution of educational television and interactive media programming for preschool and elementary school children and their parents;
  2. (2) develop and disseminate educational outreach materials and programs that are designed to deepen and extend the effectiveness of the educational television and interactive media and
  3. (3) build social and virtual communities of parents, educators, and children devoted to using the media materials."

Funder: Department of Education
Eligibility: "To receive a cooperative agreement under this competition, an entity must be a public telecommunications entity (as defined in this notice) that is able to demonstrate: (A) A capacity to develop and nationally distribute educational and instructional television programming of high quality that is accessible by a large majority of disadvantaged preschool and elementary school children; (B) A capacity to contract with the producers of children's television programming for the purpose of developing educational television programming of high quality; (C) A capacity, consistent with the entity's mission and nonprofit nature, to negotiate such contracts in a manner that returns to the entity an appropriate share of any ancillary income from sales of any program-related products; and (D) A capacity to localize programming and materials to meet specific State and local needs and to provide educational outreach at the local level."
Amount: Unspecified
Contact: Link.