Youth Internships and Public Land Corps Opportunities

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Subject: Youth Employment, Job Training, Careers, Youth Development, Environmental Education | Deadline: July 23, 2014

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seeks partners for collaboration whose interests are to provide internships and Public Land Corps opportunities for young adults to gain work experience in natural and recreation resources management throughout the BLM's Gila District, Arizona. The internships would have particular focus on 1) resource monitoring / data collection, 2) recreation and visitor services, 3) fish and wildlife habitat restoration and 4) border resources rehabilitation. This collaboration would provide an opportunity for young professionals to obtain training and on-the-ground experience in data collection, data analysis, site restoration and multiple resource monitoring throughout the Gila District. Project outcomes may include inventories, reports, complete databases, maps, and ArcGIS shapefiles. There are multiple active conservation efforts occurring within the Gila District Office (GDO) jurisdiction. These efforts involve multiple partners, state and federal agencies, private landowners, and non-profit organizations. Conservation efforts include watershed, grassland, and riparian restoration, re-establishment of native species, and conservation of water resources.

Funder:  Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Eligibility:  Unrestricted.
Amount:  $25,000 - $900,000.
Contact: Link.