The Sunoco Foundation – Fueling Minds, Fueling the Planet, Fueling Communities Grant Programs

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Subject: Youth Development | Deadline: Dec. 31, 2014

Sunoco is proud of its long-standing commitment to corporate citizenship. The Sunoco Foundation supports the belief that Sunoco’s success is determined not only by investing in our business, but also by investing in the communities we serve. The Sunoco Foundation aligns giving and business strategy with focus on three key areas: (1) Fueling Minds: Educate and Develop Skills for the Workforce. (2) Fueling the Planet: Promote Environmental Stewardship and Responsibility. (3) Fueling Communities: Make them great places to live and work.

Funder: The Sunoco Foundation
Eligibility: "The Foundation prefers to fund specific projects rather than operating budgets. Requests for deficit funding, individuals, benefit fundraisers, endowments, surveys, studies, religious groups, fraternal organizations, athletic groups, groups which discriminate by policy, schools, single diseases and non-tax exempt organizations are generally not considered. All contributions made are on a one-time basis unless expressly noted otherwise. The Foundation will not accept funding proposals to be used for lobbying or any other legislative purpose, to influence the outcome of any public election, to pursue terrorist activities or to support terrorist organizations or for any activity not described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We grant primarily to organizations in areas where Sunoco has a major presence. We generally do not support national or international organizations."
Amount: Unspecified.