Grants Awarded: June – July 2013

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
(206) 709-3100
Seattle, WA

Grants awarded to:

  • Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) - to support the CCSSO’s Institute for Transition and Transformation Services partnership with the NJ DOE to support the state’s efforts to support high quality implementation of the Common Core of State Standards. $799,825
  • National Association of State Boards of Education - to support a development plan for the organization and to support its efforts to provide training and information to implement Common Core State Standards. $800,000
  • Center for Community Change - to focus on student loans, and provide the most comprehensive research and analysis to date on income–based repayment (IBR), while exploring the range of potential reforms and offering “Pros” and “Cons” of different approaches. $310,000
  • LEV Foundation - to support general operating functions. $250,000
  • Fayette County Public Schools - to enable to Fayette County Public Schools in Kentucky to overcome financial barriers to effective implementation of instructional reforms and to develop resource alignment knowledge that other districts can use to overcome similar challenges. $840,000
  • National College Access Network - to research policy options to simplify and make further transparent the federal financial aid system, with the goal of increasing access, improving college choice and improving student outcomes. $340,000
  • Edmonds School District #15 - to engage administrative and instructional leaders in Edmonds, Everett, Federal Way, Highline and Seattle School Districts to expand knowledge of the impact a PreK-3 on student achievement and support this work for critical decision makers. $50,000
  • Learning Games Network Inc - to build a national cadre of teachers experimenting with the use of games, learning and assessment tools. $494,953
  • Every Mother Counts - to expand the U.S. MNCH constituency by providing information and linkages to effective programs around the world, building partnerships with private sector players, and working with advocates to better coordinate and align messaging. $2,197,602
  • Highline Public Schools - to support high quality WaKIDS implementation through a collaborative approach with Edmonds, Everett and Seattle School Districts. $44,760
  • University of Washington Foundation - to support regional Early Achievers conferences. $49,910
  • James B. Hunt, Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy Foundation, Inc. - to support the 2013 Governor’s Education Symposium, an event designed to bring the nation’s governors together to engage in productive dialogue about critical education issues.  $100,000
  • National Congress of Parents and Teachers - to educate parents and communities on the new standards and to empower leaders to create the changes they need in their school systems for Common Core implementation. $499,962



John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
(312) 726-8000
Chicago, IL

Grants awarded to:

  • Children and Youth Justice Center - to support activities as the lead entity for Washington Models for Change. $220,000
  • Chicago International Charter School - to support the continued adaptation of the Quest to Learn approach in the ChicagoQuest schools and the development of a toolkit for widespread use. $210,000
  • University of Michigan School of Information - to carry out a set of activities--research, meetings, and communications--to build a new funders’ network that supports innovations in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning. $150,000
  • Center for Universal Education - to institutionalize recommendations in the Global Compact on Learning, with an emphasis on supporting quality secondary education for girls in developing countries (over two years). $550,000
  • Family Online Safety Institute - to support the Platform for Good, a website for parents that creates and rewards opportunities for online participation by parents and youth. $250,000
  • Fund for Public Schools - to support NYC Summer Quest to move innovations in learning from the New York Hive Learning Network into New York City public schools (over two years). $300,000
  • Grantmakers for Education - In support of general operations (over three years). $35,000
  • Institute of Play - to support ChicagoQuest and scale of the Quest to Learn model. $250,000
  • Juvenile Law Center - to support the documentation, communication, and diffusion of Models for Change policy and practice innovations. $500,000
  • National Guild for Community Arts Education - to provide one-time support to the National Guild for Community Arts Education's 2013 annual conference, which will be held in Chicago from October 30 to November 2 in Chicago. $10,000
  • Mills College – to examine new pathways to, and the consequences, quality, quantity, and response by institutions to, participatory politics, and gain a better understanding of how educators, policymakers, designers, and youth can work to strengthen young peoples' engagement with participatory politics. $4,900,000
  • PiggyBankKids - supports the operations of the Office of the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy on Global Education as it works to advance the goals of the Secretary General's initiative, Education First, with the objective of enrolling all children in school, improving the quality of education, and fostering global citizenship. $120,000
  • National Writing Project - to develop, test, and study new models of civics learning designed for the digital era in the Oakland, California, school system. This work provides an important opportunity to re-think what civics education looks like in American high schools. $250,000



Stuart Foundation
San Francisco, CA

Grants awarded to:

  • California Council on Science and Technology - to develop a statewide framework for digitally enhanced K-12 education based on sound data regarding student academic achievement and engagement in learning. $60,000
  • Center for the Study of Social Policy - to reduce risks and improve well-being outcomes by improving the child welfare system’s capacity to support the healthy sexual and identity development of children and youth in foster care. $20,000
  • Public Interest Projects - to support California Communities for Public Education Reform (CA CPER) to strengthen the capacity of community members to participate in policy discussions regarding school finance. $60,000
  • Northern California Grantmakers - for 2013 membership. $22,000
  • Policy Innovators in Education (PIE) Network - to support the Policy Innovators in Education (PIE) Network, a network of 39 education policy organizations and leading reformers in 26 states who work on state-level issues and share a commitment to comprehensive solutions to K-12 education reform. $100,000
  • Center for Effective Philanthropy, Inc. - for sponsorship support of the 2013 annual conference: Pursuing Results Effective Foundation Practice. $10,000
  • San Francisco Deputy Sheriffs' Association Foundation Inc. - for the Back to School Event. $1,000        
  • Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance, Inc. - to support the Stand By Me Mentoring Program for up to 450 students in the Sonoma Valley Unified School District who have been referred to the program by teachers and school administrators in an effort to promote their success in school and in life. $50,000
  • Reel Grrls Inc. - Reel Grrls provides experiential, project-based media instruction for over 200 girls throughout western Washington. The organization offers programming that engages, trains, and mentors girls in youth media arts. $40,000
  • University of California, at Berkeley Center for Social Services Research - to provide essential support to the Children’s Services Archive, the only public source for longitudinal outcome analysis of California child welfare data. The Children’s Services Archive provides critical safety, permanency, and well-being measures to support child welfare agencies in 58 counties engage in continuous quality improvement. $750,000



Surdna Foundation
(212) 557-0010
New York, NY

Grants awarded to:

  • Arizona State University Foundation - to support the development of echo::system, a performance and installation work that explores the relationship between the natural environment and humanity. $50,000
  • Brookings Institution - General operating support for research, policy, practice, network building, and outreach activities of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. $600,000
  • Center for Family Life - to support the New York City-wide expansion of Center for Family Life's Cooperative Development Project, including program evaluation and community of practice components. $275,000
  • Partnership for Working Families - to develop and promote an equity and sustainability agenda to embed into Public Private Partnerships and infrastructure investments. $200,000
  • STAR Communities - to support STAR Communities as it delivers and deploys the STAR Community Rating System (STAR) . $200,000
  • Station North Arts & Entertainment, Inc. - support for SNAE's two-day symposium that will explore the relationship between gentrification and artist communities. $25,000
  • STREB Inc. - support for STREB Lab fOR Action Mechanics (SLAM), an open-access venue that models a new kind of artist-driven community organization. $75,000
  • The Lens - to sustain and enhance The Lens' in-depth investigative reporting with a focus on the environment, education, criminal justice, and government accountability; and to scale up business-side operations. $75,000
  • The Praxis Project - to support the national initiative, 'Everybody At The Table For Health (EAT4Health),' especially related to grassroots leaders' capacity to conceptualize and advocate for a new approach to food policy that promotes ecologically sustainable food systems. $75,000
  • Transportation Equity Network - support the Fire of Faith initiative to promote a more sustainable, equitable, and greener model for American infrastructure decisions. $150,000