Top Headlines 4/1

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Juvenile Justice
Nearly 300 Louisiana prison inmates have a stake in this year’s legislative session where lawmakers will rewrite sentencing statutes for juveniles who are 17 or younger when they commit murder.

ILLINOIS --- Seventeen year olds charged with felonies in Illinois are currently sent to the same criminal courts that deal with adults. A measure under consideration in Springfield would instead treat them as juveniles.

When youth find themselves in the justice system, they often face required, often court-ordered, mental health evaluations. Unfortunately, and justifiably so, many youths are being advised to not complete these evaluations due to self-incrimination.

Police flooded Times Square Sunday over concerns about violence that has historically occurred following the New York International Auto Show.


Atlanta cheating scandal puts national education policy on trial.

The West Virginia Senate hopes that instituting public-private funding partnerships will enable the state to become the nation’s first to give free breakfast and lunch to all schoolchildren.

More Iowans seek Spanish GED courses.


With only six months until the start of open enrollment for Obamacare, state and federal health officials are racing to get insurance regulations and systems up and running in time.

Majority of House members get education on immigration.

ARIZONA --- Survey reveals deportation fears.

Mental Health

Education continues to be the hot topic of the 83rd Texas Legislative regular session, mostly in favor of Texas school districts. Last week, House lawmakers agreed by a 145-2 vote on Bill HB 5, to make sweeping changes to the education system.

MLB aims to raise awareness of autism.

Sequestration is rolling back advances in autism.

There has been a huge upswing in the number of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the past decade, according to a new report by The New York Times that analyzed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.