Top Headlines 4/19

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Florida activists known as The Dream Defenders are pushing for tougher protections for detained youth. They also called for protections of youth from arrest for minor offenses at schools and a ban on the use of pepper spray and solitary confinement.

ANNAPOLIS -- The Maryland General Assembly  recently passed a bill barring juvenile courts from committing a child to for out-of-home placement for minor offenses, including trespass and possession of marijuana. 


 While politicians in the federal government have been focused on gun control and immigration, state governors are proposing more education programs. Over twenty five percent including education plans in their state of the state addresses this year, and more emphasis was placed on education than the economy and job creation, particularly among Republicans.


LOS ANGELES -- Police and child welfare advocates are expressing concerns about a change to California's child abuse database. They claim that the change will make it difficult to keep tabs on those suspected of abuse, particularly those who work with kids.

Florida DCF workers are focusing more attention on programs to prevent abuse by fathers. Many programs address the role of mothers in abuse, but two recent cases in central Florida have prompted officials to expand their programs.


Growing research results point to little connection between police presence and school safety. On the contrary, such a presence can lead to the criminalization of behaviors that would have previously been disciplinary issues.