Top Headlines 4/17

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Rand Paul, Civil Rights and Juvenile Justice

SPRINGFIELD -- The Illinois House voted Tuesday to give juvenile courts jurisdiction over most criminal defendants under age 18.

LOUISIANA -- A bill aimed at providing better services to at-risk youth cleared its first hurdle in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, passing with strong bipartisan support. The bill, proposed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, would create a single case management system for children and teens who are in the state's child welfare and juvenile justice systems.


A UNICEF survey of 29 countries entitled “Child Well-Being In Rich Countries: A Comparative Review,” ranks the U.S #26 in child well-being, just above Lithuania, Latvia and Romania (three of the poorest countries in the survey).

Early childhood care pays off late, Arizona study finds.

ATLANTA -- Of the 152 children who died last year following welfare workers’ contact with their families, 23 percent were due to accidents and 12 percent were murdered, according to statistics Georgia released late Monday.


The Education Budget is a slap in the face of educators and taxpayers.

MISSOURI -- Deputy Commissioner Ron Lankford with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education says the state education budget is about $1 billion short of where its budget needs to be, and has been that way in past years.

TEXAS -- Head of Education to address State Board of Education over new letter grading system for rating schools.