Top Headlines 4/15

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Juvenile Justice
Emails show that a Georgia juvenile justice official was angered by a writer's coverage of a bill that would keep some reports of problems in juvenile lockups secret, and she worried that news coverage could derail the legislation.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Firearms could be issued to certain juvenile probation officers as a safety precaution, the department’s chief announced last week.

Child Welfare

The United States was recently ranked 26th out of 29 wealthy countries by UNICEF regarding overall child welfare. The report found that the United States has high rates of child drug use, obesity, homicide, performs poorly in education and teenage pregnancy and infant mortality.

A Tennessee Republican lawmaker has withdrawn a measure that would have cut the welfare benefits of parents whose children receive low grades.

Education & Mental Health

Illinois Representative Kay warns of further education cuts.

This Is Autism: Parents share pictures of children with ASDs.

Youth speak up about difficult issues.

A group that has spent years studying the services and supports available to New Hampshire children with mental health and substance abuse conditions has developed the state’s first comprehensive plan for fixing what it calls a fragmented system.