Top Headlines 2/7

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Juvenile Justice

Uta Halee Girls Village of Omaha, NB sought after by state senators who hope to fix the juvenile justice system.

Georgia's high court Chief Justice calls for reform in her final Judiciary Address.


Colorado - New bill proposes to create new statewide standards for teaching abstinence and safe sex.

The NC state Board of Education approved a resolution opposing the use of corporal punishment in schools.

Robert Moses encourages education at UC Santa Cruz MLK Jr. memorial convocation.

Philadelphia public school system closes schools, disproportionately affecting minority, poor and disabled students.

Child Welfare

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper plans to create statewide hotline for reporting child abuse and neglect, new training on how to assess those reports, and a study of workloads and caseloads of child protection workers.

Arizona - At-risk youth worker tased by Glendale police.

Economist proposes a solution to the youth unemployment crisis in the United States.

Athletic Shoe Retailer Tax Act of Illinois could benefit at-risk youth.