Grants Awarded: December 2012 – January 2013

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The Tow Foundation
New Canaan, CT

The Tow Foundation has granted a three-year, $255,000 grant to Kennesaw State University's Center for Sustainable Journalism to support the creation of a news and information bureau at the City University of New York’s (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism.  CUNY journalism students, led by a journalist and adjunct professor, Daryl Khan, produce in-depth stories on timely juvenile justice issues impacting the New York region, placing them in a national context. Stories by the professor and the students will be published on Kennesaw State’s Center for Sustainable Journalism’s online Juvenile Justice Information Exchange ( and in print and online editions of Youth Today, a publication highlighting youth issues.  The CUNY site is the first of five planned news and information bureaus at journalism schools around the U.S. The project is designed to build the expertise of students and increase public awareness of juvenile justice issues through Kennesaw’s media outlets. 



The California Wellness Foundation
Woodland Hills, CA

Grants awarded to:

  • California Institute of Integral Studies- For core operating support to continue to provide scholarships to students from underrepresented ethnic and racial communities who are pursuing careers in community-based mental health. $180,000
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund- For core operating support to continue to provide scholarships to Latino students in California pursuing college degrees in health-related disciplines. $225,000
  • Los Rios Community College District- For core operating support to continue to recruit and retain a diverse student body into the school's science and health programs. $150,000
  • Los Angeles Youth Network LA Youth- For core operating support to sustain a continuum of care in Hollywood for unaccompanied minors and homeless young adults. $150,000
  • Operation Safe House, Inc.- For core operating support to sustain emergency shelter and transitional housing services in Riverside County for homeless and runaway youth. $225,000
  • United Friends of the Children- For core operating support for the Pathways to Independence program to sustain supportive housing and alumni services for former foster youth in Los Angeles County. $150,000
  • YEAH!- For core operating support to sustain overnight shelter and daytime supportive services in Berkeley for homeless youth. $150,000
  • Larkin Street Youth Services/3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic- For core operating support for its 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic to sustain teenage pregnancy prevention programs for at-risk youth in the Bayview-Hunters Point area of San Francisco. $150,000
  • County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency- For core operating support to sustain the Teen Health Outreach Program serving high-risk youth and pregnant teens. $150,000
  • Orange County Health Care Agency- For core operating support to sustain the Nurse-Family Partnership, a comprehensive program for pregnant and parenting teens living in Orange County, as a strategy to prevent repeat teenage pregnancies. $150,000
  • Perinatal Advisory Council: Leadership, Advocacy and Consultation- For project support to review, revise and disseminate guidelines regarding appropriate delivery of perinatal care to pregnant teens and to train health care professionals on their use. $50,000
  • Tri-City Health Center- For core operating support to sustain the provision of peer-driven reproductive health services and education for teens in southern Alameda County. $200,000
  • Centro CHA, Inc.- For core operating support to sustain employment training and intensive case management services, as a violence prevention strategy, to at-risk, formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated youth in Long Beach. $150,000
  • Community Housing Improvement Systems and Planning Assn., Inc.- For project support to develop the Salinas Youth Organizing Leadership Academy, an initiative to promote a public health approach for preventing violence against youth in Salinas. $200,000
  • Liberty Hill Foundation/Inland Empire Prison Education Project- For core operating support for the Inland Empire Prison Education Project, a re-entry program targeting incarcerated young adults at the California Institute for Men in Chino. $255,000
  • New Visions Foundation- For core operating support to sustain the Camp to Community Program, a re-entry program for incarcerated youth at Camp David Gonzales in Los Angeles County. $150,000



Stuart Foundation
San Francisco - CA

Grants awarded to:

  • Children Now - For expert financial analysis of statewide school budget data and technical assistance to State government agencies and key stakeholders on Weighted Student Formula (WSF) models and simulations. $17,000
  • California Charter Schools Consortium - To establish a Professional Learning Community that will provide charter schools in Sacramento County with the resources and support necessary to increase foster youth enrollment, school stability and academic performance. $150,000
  • Community Center for Education Results - For implementation of the Road Map Project, a cross-district collaboration among seven south King County school districts and their community partners to collectively improve student learning achievement from early childhood through college. $150,000
  • Community Initiatives - To support the California Co-Investment Partnership, which brings together public and private investors to engage in high level policy discussions that guide strategic and collaborative investments that capitalize on the most needed and effective strategies to improve California’s child welfare services. $35,000
  • Foundation for California Community Colleges - To improve community college participation - persistence and graduation rates for foster youth by providing intensive coaching and direct support to six community colleges in California. $225,000
  • The California Education Partners - To understand, identify, and implement strategies to improve outcomes for foster youth in three California unified school districts; Fresno, Garden Grove, and Sacramento City. $60,000
  • WestEd - To provide educators - school administrators - child welfare professionals and policymakers with detailed state-endorsed data about the educational experiences and outcomes of California’s K-12 students in foster care. $100,000
  • Youth Law Center - To strengthen the infrastructure and set the building blocks for full statewide implementation and sustainability of the Quality Parenting Initiative, a project seeking to reshape California’s child welfare system to ensure every child receives excellent parenting while in foster care. $50,000
  • Loyola Law School - To improve well-being outcomes and facilitate successful transitions to adulthood for court involved foster youth in Los Angeles County by providing high quality legal support and case management. $30,000



Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
(206) 709-3100
Seattle - WA

Grants awarded to:

  • The Center for Better Schools - to support a training program for advanced teachers 3 to 8 years into their career. $450,000
  • The Achievement Network - to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards by building the capacity of school leaders and teachers to address the instructional shifts through interim assessments, coaching , network collaboration , and access to resources. $3,002,252
  • Ohio Grantmakers Forum - to re-focus its stable of education policy advocates on college completion issues that are important to Ohio’s students, families and that are closely aligned with the post-secondary work of the foundation. $199,488
  • Colorado Seminary - to support the alignment of professional development to effective teaching practices in middle grades mathematics. $314,996
  • University of Washington Foundation - to support an integrated longitudinal database to analyze child welfare outcomes. $450,000
  • The Education Trust - to support the Access to Success program in helping to provide data, evidence, best practices, and training to campuses in support of continuous improvement in providing equal opportunity for access and success to underrepresented minorities. $800,000
  • University of Toronto - to develop and implement high quality Massive Open Online Courses that will engage a broad range of students in successfully advancing their general and developmental education. $100,000
  • Black Alliance for Educational Options Inc. - to contract a consultant to develop a strategic plan that enhances BAEO’s ability to advocate for college ready education and college completion. $250,000
  • Jobs for the Future Inc. - to provide general operating support for Jobs for the Future’s College Ready strategy and its focus on supporting low-income students through early college schools and next-generation pathways. $500,000
  • American Youth Policy Forum - to pursue a body of work of that will advance our College Ready and Postsecondary Success strategies, and complement our growing sophistication in working with audiences especially our Civil Rights and Equity Organization grantees. $1,004,448



The Atlantic Philanthropies
212-916-7300 (NY) - 202-842-9202(DC)
New York - NY and Washington - DC

Grants awarded to:

  • Stone Lantern Films - Inc. - To integrate zero tolerance into a planned one-hour sequel to the award-winning four-part PBS series, 'SCHOOL: The Story of American Public Education ' narrated by actress Meryl Streep. $25,000
  • Center for Health Policy Development/National Academy for State Health Policy - To provide technical assistance to state agencies in developing and implementing the systems, policies and regulations to expand children’s health insurance coverage. $350,000
  • Editorial Projects in Education - To support a 'school climate and discipline' beat at Education Week Magazine, including production of a special issue on school discipline data and annual polling of local educators. $327,000
  • Mississippi Center for Justice - To build a sustainable, statewide infrastructure for health insurance coverage for children and youth. $200,000
  • NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund - To support a convening of Atlantic's legal advocacy grantees and high-level state education and judicial leaders. $76,200
  • East Bay Community Foundation - To reduce racially disproportionate rates of suspension and expulsion in Oakland public schools. $600,000
  • National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges - To provide training and technical assistance to help judicial leaders develop efforts to reduce referrals of youth to juvenile court for school-based misbehavior and to expand use of positive disciplinary practices in schools. $400,000



The Ford Foundation
New York - NY

Grants awarded to:

  • National Housing Institute- General support to foster decent, affordable housing and a vibrant community for everyone. $300,000
    • Reconnecting America- General support to transform promising ideas into thriving communities, where transportation choices make it easy to travel, where businesses flourish, & where people can afford to live, work & visit. $800,000
    • The Housing Partnership Network, Inc.- General support to build affordable homes & vibrant communities for low- and moderate-income people through partnerships among its members, the business sector, government & philanthropic institutions. $500,000
    • Living Cities, Inc: The National Community Development Initiative- General support for a philanthropic partnership to bring opportunities and the power of mainstream markets to historically neglected urban neighborhoods and their residents. $2,000,000
    • PolicyLink- General support for advancing economic and social equity by lifting up what works. $1,000,000
    • Restaurant Opportunities Center United, Inc.- To partner with community colleges and the National Consortium for Workforce Education in replicating its career advancement and higher education opportunities model for low-wage restaurant workers. $200,000
    • The Regents of the University of California, Los Angeles- For the Civil Rights Project to synthesize research findings on affirmative action in higher education for consideration by the United States Supreme Court in the Fisher v. University of Texas case. $50,000