Top Headlines 1/31

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposes to increase spending on public schools by 6.5 percent to $6,800 per student, and a $2,500 pay raise for full-time public school teachers.

New Jersey court upholds anti-bullying law in recent case despite parents appeal.

Child Welfare

Nebraska Families collaborative will come out $2M short at the end of fiscal year.

Kentucky cuts child care costs from its state assistance for low-income families.

Juvenile Justice

GEORGIA - Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform tasked with conducting a detailed analysis of the juvenile justice system.

Gov. Sam Brownback has submitted an executive order to Kansas legislators merging the state's troubled Juvenile Justice Authority with its adult Department of Corrections.


600 high school students encourage Utah's Capitol Hill to pass more anti-bullying regulations.

New Jersey Attorney General aims to strengthen state child pornography laws to match federal ones.