Queer Youth Fund Announces Half A Million in Grants to Organizations Serving LGBT Youth

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Tuesday, the Liberty Hill Foundation announced $500,000 in grants would be given to five community-based organizations serving LGBTQ youth. The multi-year grants are being provided by the Queer Youth Fund (QYF), a donor-initiated Liberty Hill grantmaking program.

The Queer Youth Fund, founded in 2002, has given out $4.4 million in grants to organizations in more than 20 states over the last decade. 

Five organizations were recently awarded $100,000 grants a piece by the Queer Youth Fund, which will be paid out in three-to-five year intervals; The Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center, in San Francisco; Orange County, Calif.’s Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center; the Idaho Human Rights Education Center; Hawaii’s Life Foundation, Inc.; and Out Now, Inc., of Springfield, Mass. 

Weston Milliken, co-founder of the Queer Youth Fund, said that he was “awed” by the abilities and courage of young individuals that are working for organizations that have been awarded QYF grants. 

“These young leaders are helping to advance full equality for all Americans and it is an honor to support their passion for social justice work,” he is quoted in a recent Liberty Hill Foundation press release.