Upcoming Presentation Examines Role of New Technologies in Elementary Education

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This Thursday, the New America Foundation will be holding an event in Washington, D.C. titled Getting Schooled by a Third-Grader: What Kids’ Gaming, Tweeting, Streaming and Sharing Tells us About the Future of Elementary Education.

The event, part of the Future Tense Initiative, is a joint collaboration between the New America Foundation, Arizona State University and Slate magazine. The event will examine the impact of technological applications - ranging from iPads to Twitter to Microsoft Kinect - on elementary school education, as well as how new tools and online services are changing teaching methods across the nation.

elementary technologyThe presentation will feature numerous guest participants, includingTeacher Gaming co-owner Joel Levin, Annie Murphy Paul - author of the upcoming book “Brilliant: The New Science of Smart” - and Alice Wilder, co-creator and head of research and education for PBS’ “Super Why!”

Lisa Guernsey, director of the New America Foundation’s Early Education Initiative and author of the book “Screen Time: How Electronic Media - From Baby Videos to Education Software - Affects Your Young Child,” will be the event’s moderator. Also scheduled for appearances are Northwestern University professor Reed Stevens and Scott Taylor, founder of 360KID, who will be appearing at the event via Skype.

The presentation will begin at noon EST and is expected to run for an hour and a half.