Top Headlines 8/3

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The District of Columbia falls short of meeting federal special education goals for the 6th consecutive year, reports Education Week.

Chicago promises to provide better toddler education by 2015, The Chicago Sun Times reports.

University of Virginia donors signal their approval of the return of former president by doubling donations, according to The Washington Post.

The Department of Education announced a grant to cover the cost of Advance Placement exams, reports The Los Angeles Times.

Child Welfare

Arizona’s child welfare system is stagnant, according to The Tucson Citizen.

Colorlines has a feature story about a deported father returning to fight for his kids.

Juveniles Justice

A judge in Georgia helps a family find closure in toddler’s death, CBS News reports.

Chicago’s largest state employee union sues to block closure of Illinois prisons including two juvenile detention centers, according to The Chicago Tribune.