Comics Journalism Tackles the Immigration Debate

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Jessica Colotl says her life is a series of hearings since the struggle began between her and federal and state authorities over whether she can stay in the country she’s called home since she was ten years old.

You can read the comic at Cartoon Movement.

A page from Colotl is young; she’s in limbo like many other immigrants, her story shifts from her college to a detention facility to a presidential announcement to a tenuous freedom. It’s a story that’s dramatic, tense, and now it’s presented in a way more accessible to young people.

Furthermore, the story is reported through an innovative new form: illustrative or comics journalism.

The comic “Jessica Colotl: In the Eye of the Storm” tells her story in panels, color and expression that are probably more engaging — and just as informative — as other forms of journalism.

It’s published through a partnership of the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange and Cartoon Movement, an online publisher of political cartoons and comics journalism.