Mindful of the Consequences: How Improving the Mental Health of D.C. Youth Benefits the District

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Authors: Melissa Neal

Published: June 21, 2012

Improving public safety in D.C. depends on a comprehensive approach that involves multiple strategies spanning all City agencies. One facet of such a comprehensive approach is to improve outcomes for youth so that fewer become caught up in the justice system, a victim of crime, or both. This brief is part of a series explaining how improving youth outcomes in D.C. can also result in better public safety outcomes for the District as a whole.

The power of good mental health is underestimated in maintaining safety and wellbeing within D.C.’s communities. But, as our understanding of brain science expands, the connections between public safety and health promotion are increasingly clear. Historically, the role of mental health as a crucial component of overall wellness and health has been “misunderstood and often forgotten.”
-Justice Policy Institute