Top Headlines for 4/13

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In the dozen states that have gubernatorial elections this year, K-12 education is playing a variety of roles in the individual campaigns, Education Week reports.
A new report, sponsored by The Council on Foreign Relations, finds that the United States' education system is putting the country's national security at risk, Fox News reports.

A new law makes Tennessee the second state to enable teachers to more easily teach alternative theories to the widely accepted scientific concepts of evolution and human-caused climate change, Reuters reports.

A new online service allows college students to compare financial aid data across the country, the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange reports.* 

Education shortfall is polarizing the U.S. workforce between the education haves and have-nots, says David Autor, professor of economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on

Child Welfare

Parents wrongly accused of child abuse struggle to get their kids back, The Daily Beast reports.

Newly proposed state budget cuts may adversely affect child care in California, The Daily Titan reports.

More Georgia children are getting state protection under new policies, but child welfare advocates say the agency responsible for helping them is being strained by budget cuts, The Augusta Chronicle reports.

Juvenile Justice

The Richmond Juvenile Detention Center, which was put on probation months ago and its superintendent fired after examiners found dozens of violations, is being kept on probation by the state after a hearing Wednesday, NBC 12 reports.

A Philadelphia teen will be tried as an adult for murder, reports.


* The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange is a sister publication to Youth Today.