Top Headlines 4/19

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A new report from the Brookings Institution links housing prices and zoning practices to effectively depriving low-income students of high-quality schools, Education Week reports.

In Connecticut, college students from across the state are expected to rally at the state Capitol in support of overhauling the state's public education system, reports.

A measure introduced Wednesday would prohibit colleges of all kinds from using dollars from federal student assistance programs to pay for advertising and recruiting, the Associated Press reports.

Child Welfare

In Arizona, a record-high number of child abuse reports has led the state's child welfare agency to turn to a special investigative team to help with case management, The Republic reports.

Montana has a new radio campaign to combat child abuse and neglect, reports.

Juvenile Justice

A Georgia handcuffing of a kindergartner renews the debate over when educators should bring in the police to deal with disruptive students, reports.

Los Angeles County courts face $30 million in cuts, the Los Angeles Times reports.