Grants Awarded – Week of April 23rd, 2012

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  • Fond du Lac Area Foundation

    -to several non-profits in Fond du Lac area in the areas of health, humn service, the arts, environment, education and youth.

    Recipients include:
    -Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac
    -Children's Museum of Fond du Lac

  • William T. Grant Foundation

    Research grants - recipients include:

    Parenting New Teen Drivers
    University of New Orleans
    Department of Psychology

    The Role of the Family Setting in Young Adult Outcomes During Economically Turbulent Times 
    Johns Hopkins University
    Institute for Policy Studies

    Youth Service Improvement Grants - recipients include:

    The GO Project
    Educational Benchmarking Framework
    New York, NY

    New Heights Youth, Inc. 
    College Bound
    New York, NY

    New York Youth at Risk
    Second Year Curriculum Development Project
    New York, NY

  • JP Morgan Chase Foundation

    Turnaround for Children

    -to help low-performing high-poverty schools create positive learning environments for students
    $2.5 million