Top Headlines for 2/3

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Child Welfare

State child welfare workers missed the warning signs with a young man accused of three killings in Chicago, reports Christy Gutowski and John Keilman of the Chicago Tribune. D’Andre Howard was moved into independent living despite breaking all the rules at a more secure placement, according to the report filed by the inspector general.

A man is suing the Florida Department of Children and Families for failing to protect his brother, his mother and two others from the stepfather who killed them all, reports Marimer Matos of Courthouse News Service. The police received 34 calls from the home in the years leading up to Patrick Dell’s massacre.


Some pundits tell Patrice Hill of the Washington Times that the recent decline in the unemployment rate has a lot to do with young people willfully withdrawing from the job search.

Juvenile Justice

University of California-Santa Barbara Professor Richard Ross reflects for PBS on his time spent visiting juvenile facilities, photographing them and interviewing juvenile offenders.