Top Headlines for 2/21

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Child Welfare

Melanie Asmar of discusses some details of the Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper plan to overhaul child welfare.

Programs serving aged-out foster youth in Kentucky have called an emergency meeting to discuss the growing number of former foster youths living in the state’s shelters, reports Dawne Gee of

Foster care provider Contemporary Family Services will learn its fate this week from the Maryland Department of Human Resources, reports Yvonne Wenger of the Baltimore Sun. The organization has been barred from making new placements for a month, and Wenger reports that  a severed contract in Maryland could jeopardize business with the District of Columbia.

If your teen’s lack of sleep is keeping you up nights, writes Rita Rubin of MSNBC, a new study should help put your mind at ease.


Many community colleges are serving students who face significant challenges to graduating and moving into the workforce, reports Carla Rivera of L.A. Times, who uses Southwest College in Los Angeles as a focal point.

Juvenile Justice

The fight to prevent California Gov. Jerry Brown from shutting down the state juvenile justice agency has begun, reports Marisa Lagos of the San Francisco Chronicle. The plan is chiefly opposed by some of the states probation chiefs and district attorneys.

Joe Duggan of Nebraska’s World-Herald reports on challenges at a large juvenile facility in Kearney, where one longtime employee told Duggan that the problems between youths and adults had made rehabilitation untenable.