Top Headlines for 1/27

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Child Welfare

In Santa Monica, Calif., a children’s social worker will start work next week at the police department, reports the Santa Monica Mirror. The worker will assist with walk-in community inquiries relating to child abuse and neglect, provide expertise on joint child abuse investigations, and deliver coordinated services to the community.

One Michigan judge believes that in her county, a rise in child abuse and neglect cases is connected to the rise in popularity of a designer drug called “bath salts.”

Emotions ran high on both sides at a hearing to discuss the future of child welfare privatization in Nebraska, reports Martha Stoddard of the Omaha World-Herald.


North Carolina is hoping that a merger of its Department of Commerce and Employment Security Commission will improve the coordination of the state’s workforce development program, reports Vikki Broughton Hodges.

The editorial board of USA Today said Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is dead wrong on for-profit colleges, which he has said can be an answer to rising tuition in America.

Juvenile Justice

A local school board in New Hampshire is considering a policy that would limit sex offenders’ access to school property, reports Laura McCrystal of the Concord Monitor.  One stepfather of local students believe the push for the policy is a vendetta against him; but would such a policy prevent students registered as offenders from attending school?