Top Headlines for 1/19

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Mary Beth Marklein of Arizona’s Tucson Citizen reports on the growing number of programs for foster youth at U.S. colleges.

Luzerne County has officially regained control of its juvenile court after the scandal heard ‘round the world, reports Michael Sisak of the Citizens Voice.

Attorneys General in North Dakota and Minnesota discuss their reservations with the Adam Walsh Act with

Christi Fish of UTSA Today (University of Texas-San Antonio) gives some details about the College of Education and Human Development’s partnership with Youth Advocate Programs to study professional advocacy as a treatment for chronic delinquency.

The superintendent of the troubled Richmond, Va. detention center has been fired, reports Michael Martz of the Times Dispatch.

The Associated Press reports that California’s political leaders are hopeful that the federal and state court oversight over its correctional facilities, particularly those that house juveniles and the mentally ill, will soon come to an end.

After years of failure, the Marion County Juvenile Center in Indianapolis finally received a passing grade this year, reports WISH-TV. The center has decreased its intake totals and increased the training hours required for staff.