Top Headlines for 1/18

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Child Welfare

A Connecticut prosecutor asked whether or not the recent death of an infant casts doubt over the state Department of Children and Families’ focus on family preservation, reports David Owens.


A former admissions counselor for two for-profit colleges looks back on her how the larger one – ITT Technical Institute – pushed her and colleagues to motivate sales through fear.

Shareholders of Career Education Corp. are suing the for-profit college giant claiming officials misled investors, reports Gregory Karp of the Chicago Tribune.

Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller reports on the slashed budget for the Inspector General’s office at the Corporation for National and Community Service. Facing a five percent cut for 2012, the office must police an office authorized for sizable increase to its signature AmeriCorps program and with a history of management problems.

Jim Scheibel, former mayor of St. Paul, wrote in the pages of that based on his experience with the program, AmeriCorps is getting things done and deserves full Congressional support.

Juvenile Justice

Milwaukee will allow its police officers to access previously protected information about juveniles, reports WTMJ, and John Diedrich of the Journal Sentinel reports that moves are being made to make increased information sharing part of state law. Diedrich produced a long piece over the summer about the frustration of Milwaukee officers about the fact that they had to wait for court clerks to look up juvenile case history.


Just saw this from the Nonprofit Quarterly' winter issue: a really interesting Q & A about the prospects and potential pratfalls of the social impact bond concept, which entails social investors fronting the cost of programs with the expectation of government payment if those programs meet specified benchmarks.