Top Headlines for 12/5

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Child Welfare

If the only effect of the GAO report on psychotropics and foster kids is tracking prescriptions, writes Judith Warner in Time, we will miss the bigger issue: how to actually treat the kids who need help.

Two weeks after vilifying two former ballboys who accused his longtime assistant of child molestation, Syracuse men's basketball coach Jim Boeheim will campaign against child abuse, reports Michael Hill of the Associated Press.

Amy Graff, a blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle, ponders whether or not parents should lose custody of morbidly obese children?


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) jobs program includes a separate program for inner city youth, reports Ken Lovett for the New York Daily News.

Juvenile Justice

Rhonda Holman of the Wichita Eagle’s editorial board gave a mostly Republican legislature credit for not rubber-stamping Gov. Sam Brownback ‘s (R) plans to overhaul juvenile justice.

Juvenile justice in Kansas is not broken, so don’t try and fix it, writes the editorial board of the Kansas City Star.