Top Headlines for 12/19

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Child Welfare

Opinions vary as Nebraska legislators ponder moving child welfare case management back to the state agency after two years of privatization, reports JoAnne Young of the Lincoln Journal Star.

Jeffrey Anderson of the Washington Times reports on allegations by former employees that a family preservation agency fraudulently billed for $500,000 in Medicaid reimbursements for mental health services.


California has jacked up the price of community college by $10 per unit for two consecutive years, reports Nannette Miranda KABC. This year’s rate hike is due to a $100 million budget cut to community colleges made for fiscal 2012.

Juvenile Justice

Efforts to curb the detention and incarceration of status offenders are heating up in Kentucky, reports the Associated Press. But the story quotes Robert Heaton, the head of the Kentucky District Judges Association, saying: "There are some that are so far beyond the control of the school system or their families, I don't know what else is available" other than finding them in contempt and sending them to a detention center.

Ray Reyes, Josh Poltilove and Kathy Steele of report on violence in East Tampa after two separate shootings of young black teens in the area.

Interesting story here from Jatin Anand of the Hindustan Times on how followers of of a notorious juvenile crime ringleader in India graduated to more violent crimes after he was arrested.