Top Headlines for 11/16

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Child Welfare

In the wake of the Penn State scandal, Maryland lawmakers and child advocates want to establish criminal penalties for failing to report child abuse, reports Childs Walker of The Baltimore Sun.


Former MacArthur Foundation President Jonathan Fanton, writing in Education Week, argues for a single standard for higher education (subscriber only).

Juvenile Justice

Baxter County, Ark., took most of its budget savings for fiscal 2012 out of its juvenile services agency, reports Frank Wallis of the Baxter Bulletin.

In DuPage County, Illinois, opponents of a plan to close the local juvenile facility argue that it’s better than the one DuPage juveniles will be sent to, reports Susan Frick Cariman of the Beacon News. Also, they argue, it makes little sense to close a center right before the shift of certain 17-year-old offenders from the adult system into the juvenile system.