Top Headlines for 11/1

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Child Welfare

A long legal battle over Washington’s child welfare system ended today with an ambitious agreement to overhaul it in two years, reports Jennifer Sullivan.

Kelli Kennedy of the Boston Globe gives a nice lay of the land here with what’s being done to address the fact that half of foster kids don’t finish high school and almost none of them graduate from college.


New Jersey’s successful statewide after-school program, slated for extinction today by Gov. Chris Christie in the 2012 budget, was saved through a partnership with the state Department of Education, reports Jessica Calefati of the Star-Ledger. The motivating factor for Christie to intervene was a desire to strengthen the state’s application for a waiver from the federal requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Juvenile Justice

A 13-year-old accused of shooting his father while he slept will face first-degree murder charges, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Not far away, in Utah, a teen facing first-degree murder charges had his case moved into juvenile court, reports Aaron Falk of the Salt Lake Tribune.