State Budget Cuts: America’s Kids Pay the Price

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Every Child Matters Education Fund

Though the title alludes to fiscal decisions at the state level, this advocacy piece begins by hammering Congress for not extending federal assistance for youth and family services as the effects of the recession linger.

“Early on in this Great Recession, the federal government chose to protect and invest in the children most at risk,” the report says. “However, all of these program expansions and state aid were slated to end early in 2011. The members of the 112th Congress opposed extending them, despite the lingering impact of the recession.”

After calling for Congress and the “Super Committee” deciding on long-term spending priorities to hold children harmless, the report moves to a lengthy appendix that identifies the 2011 and 2012 spending cuts to youth programs in nearly every state.

Free, 23 pages. Click here to read the report.

  • Jerry

    When I clicked on the link it went to “page not found”. Can you help me find the report?