Top Headlines for 10/21

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Child Welfare

In Pittsburgh and nearby Pennsylvania counties, reports Timothy Puko of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, big cuts to child welfare spending are becoming a regular occurrence. “If you're cutting preventative services, I think it will catch up with you in the long run," said Brandon Yorty, the chief fiscal officer for the Westmoreland County Children’s Bureau.


Huffington Post columnist Michele Nash-Hoff offers a few suggestions to help attract youth to careers in manufacturing. First one just sounds Eastern bloc-like: “manufacturing summer camps.”

This sounds more like America: Camp Sloper skate park after-school program, as profiled by Kimberly Primicerio of the Record Journal in Connecticut. The program appears to accomplish something that few others have: older kids like it.

A recent study of Texas community colleges by the American Institutes for Research found that the state spends $74 million on students who drop out within a year, reports Jeannie Kever of the Houston Chronicle.

Mental Health

A Texas foundation is seeking to boost the state’s mental health workforce by offering $1.6 million to help fund internships, reports Sylvia Butanda of the Daily Texan Online.