Top Headlines for 10/13

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Child Welfare

A former Nebraska state senator wants the feds to investigate the reform and privatization of the state's child welfare system, reports JoAnne Young of the Journal Star.


Joe Piasecki of the Los Angeles Times reports on a strange situation with a large operator of Head Start programs in Los Angeles. A Department of Health and Human Services spokesman said the Center for Community and Family Services, which abruptly ended its 10 Head Start programs last week, is under investigation by the department’s Inspector General. The organization’s leader said it is not true; the Inspector General’s office said it cannot say either way.

Juvenile Justice

A Nebraska state senator said that Nebraska's sex-offender registry doesn't differentiate between those who are likely to reoffend and those who pose little risk, reports Kay Kemmet of the Omaha World-Herald.

Washington County, W.V., has settled a federal lawsuit over conditions at its juvenile detention center, reports Evan Bevins of The Marietta Times.

Could a lawsuit be headed Maryland’s way? Virginia Terhune and Alison Walker of Southern Maryland News report on a watchdog’s findings that the state’s  Cheltenham Youth Facility is “outdated, overcrowded and inappropriate for youth residence.”