Top Headlines for 9/15

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Child Welfare

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has launched a campaign to ensure that at least one adoption agency in each U.S. state is dedicated to working with gay families interested in adopting children.


President Obama, who has taken his own share of criticism from DREAM Act supporters this year, said he would do everything he could to get it passed and lashed out at Senate Republicans for killing it in the last session, reports Dave Boyer of the Washington Times.

Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, the national director of the Office of Head Start, writes in the Huffington Post about plans for a reform of the Head Start program.

Daniel de Vise of the Washington Post reports on a group of for-profit colleges who released a set of industry standards for responsible conduct.

Juvenile Justice

State officials in Kentucky are asking lawmakers to pass legislation that would prevent children under the age of 11 from being charged criminally, reports Valarie Honeycutt Spears of Each year, she reports, about 400 youth between five and 10 are involved in criminal complaints.

Some “flash mob” headlines:

Two Cleveland City Council members wrote to USA Today in defense of their efforts to crack down on the people who initiate mobs on social media. The ACLU challenged a city ordinance that passed the council, but was eventually vetoed.

In Maryland, reports Kate Ryan of, some lawmakers are pushing a bill that would hold flash mob participants accountable for the total amount of merchandise stolen -- not just what he or she individually took.