Top Headlines for 9/14

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Child Welfare

California Gov. Jerry Brown should veto the child care reform bill headed his way, writes the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times, because it is more about empowering organized labor than it does fixing any problem with services.


The California legislature is going to pass a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to receive state-financed aid for college, reports Jennifer Medina of the New York Times.

In Monday’s Tea Party debate, reports Robin Abcarian of the Los Angeles Times, Texas Gov. Rick Perry took some heat from the audience and fellow presidential candidates for signing a similar law in Texas.

Michael Brown and David Gergen of CNN argue that AmeriCorps is this recession’s Civilian Conservation Corps (in a good way).

Juvenile Justice

Wyoming public defenders are trying to get the case of a teenager, who was convicted of first-degree murder, sent back to juvenile court, reports Ben Neary of the Associated Press. Wyatt Bear Cloud, now 18, was present for but did not pull the trigger in a home invasion murder two years ago.

Disgraced juvenile judge Mark Ciavarella, who was at the center of the Luzerne County juvenile court scandal in Pennsylvania, has been transferred yet again from a prison in Oklahoma to a facility in Illinois, reports Pennsylvania’s Times Leader.


Dan Cook and Laura Zuckerman of Reuters report on a spate of new lawsuits filed against the Boy Scouts of America, including one by four Oregon men and another by five women in Montana.