Resources: Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets Posters

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Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets are widely used among youth workers as a model for nurturing youth development. Alongside books that provide guidance in using this system, the following four items deliver the Assets message in useful and appealing formats. Find them at (877) 240-7251, ext. 1;

40 Developmental Assets Posters

Large, glossy posters (22 by 34 inches) display the 40 Developmental Assets in English on one side, flipping over to Spanish. Each of the eight sections is printed in a different color, with circular icons representing topics, such as a red heart for Support. The preschool poster (ages 3-5) features children’s faces inside bright daisy frames. On the adolescents poster, golden targets float like bubbles. These colorful wall graphics provide a handy reference.