Top Headlines 8/26

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Child Welfare

Erwin McEwen, who has led the Department of Children and Family Services for Illinois since 2006, is stepping down at the end of September, reports Ray Long of the Chicago Tribune.

Perry Stein of the Miami Herald gives details on a $1.3 million welfare scam undertaken by a Florida case worker for the Department of Children & Families.


Virtual learning offers an effective chance for students who need to get back on track, but can pose real challenges for at-risk students, reports Katie Ash of Ed Week.

Juvenile Justice

A bill that would have allowed juvenile offenders sentenced to life without parole the chance to pursue freedom after a quarter-century in prison narrowly failed to pass the state Assembly Thursday, reports Karen de Sa of the Mercury News.

Marisa Lagos of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Leland Yee, intends to bring the bill up again before the current legislative period ends on Sept. 9.

Chad Frey of The Kansan reports on a small-town budget worry over juvenile detention: The sheriff of Harvey County is worried about the costs that could be incurred because of two juveniles in the county’s custody.


Joel Bakan opined in the New York Times about the influence of corporate America on children on Aug. 22.  Yesterday, the Times ran three thoughtful letters in response to the column.