Top Headlines 7/26

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Child Welfare

Gay teens in Massachusetts are more likely to be homeless than their heterosexual peers, according to new research from the Children’s Hospital Boston. Kay Lazar of the Boston Globe reports on the study.


The banking house UBS has downgraded the for-profit education company ITT Education Services citing its slowing enrollment, uncertainty about Pell Grants, possible problems with private loans and stock declines despite the weaker than expected “gainful employment” regulations from the U.S. Department of Education, according to

Juvenile Justice

Legislators and community members will begin analyzing Colorado’s juvenile discipline statutes as part of the Legislative Task Force to Study School Discipline, a bipartisan effort aimed at proposing new legislation regarding school and law enforcement disciplinary procedures for juveniles. Sarah Jane Kyle of reports.

Efforts to trim the costs of juvenile proceedings have sparked a nasty battle in California’s Marin County.  Trey Bundy of The Bay Citizen reports that proposals to put juveniles in a glass enclosure or use teleconferencing have been rejected after complaints from defense attorneys but government officials complain they are offering no constructive suggestions.