Top Headlines 7/15

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Child Welfare

A Michigan judge may slow down the timeline on court-ordered reform of the state’s child welfare system, reports Robin Erb of the  Detroit Free Press. Erb quotes youth advocate Jack Kresnak as saying the benchmarks on reform are impossible to reach quickly for a state still weathering a financial crisis.

Removing obese children from their parents would be an assault on liberty, opines the editorial board of the Journal Courier in Indiana.

A child welfare worker for the State of Oklahoma took his own life this week, reports Ann Kelley of The Oklahoman. Donald Wheeler, 64, was tasked with investigating cases in which children involved with the state’s system died.


Danielle Wright of BET. Com reports on a California law that would compel charter schools to reflect the demographics of the neighborhood it serves.

Forbes blogger James Marshall Crotty reports on a federal judge’s recent ruling that a group of students, who felt duped by the for-profit college they attended in Colorado, had no standing to bring a class action lawsuit.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin of the National Review argues that the Obama administration’s gainful employment regulations “sentence millions of Americans to a lifetime of underemployment.”

Juvenile Justice

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to place his juvenile justice system under the control of his child welfare agency has been put on hold for the time being, reports Sam Hudzik, writing on the website of radio station WBEZ. The concept drew opposition from unions and some key lawmakers.