Top Headlines 7/1

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Child Welfare

Opponents of Florida’s new drug test requirement for welfare applicants tell Orlando Sentinel reporter Kate Santich that the rule will never survive a legal challenge. in Illinois ran an editorial criticizing the 11-page summary released by the state child welfare department in order to fulfill a request for all records related to the 2009 death of a child in its care.


Margaret Reiter, in a column for Higher Ed Watch, wonders how “such a namby-pamby rule” as the gainful employment regulations could cause such a stir?

Enrollment at the University of Phoenix has dropped noticeably since the college started allowing students to try out courses before enrolling, reports John Lauerman.

The government shutdown in Minnesota could cripple job programs for at-risk youths, reports Anne Polta of the West Central Tribune.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile judges in Georgia, the only state in the union that has not signed the new Interstate Compact for Juveniles, will face an uncertain situation now that the old compact has expired, reports Ryan Schill of the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.


Medicaid cuts could be part of a federal budget deal reached for 2012, reports  J. Lester Feder of Politico, and it won’t originate with the party you’d expect.

Forbes breaks down the impacts of Wisconsin’s budget, including a number of tough cuts to youth and family services.

Sign of desperate times in Fort Wayne, Ind.: theft from Goodwill stores is way up, reports The local chapter of Crime Stoppers has stepped up to help police the situation.