Top Headlines 6/7

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Child Welfare

Kathaleen Roberts of the Albuquerque Journal reports on the Heart Gallery, a New Mexico program that uses snapshots to help foster kids get adopted and has spawned 125 chapters in 47 states.

Susan Livio of’s Statehouse Bureau reports on the case of a girl who died of malnutrition and an untreated broken leg, which has called into question how the state child welfare system uses anonymous tips.


David Moltz of Inside Higher Ed gives a lengthy breakdown of the progress of the Education Department committee tasked with making recommendations on how to measure community colleges. The discussion has definitely been influenced by the recent release of the “gainful employment” rules, which pertain mostly to for-profit colleges, Moltz reports.

Things are looking up for teens in the summer job market, reports Anika Anand of MSNBC.

No, things are not looking up, reports Ron Scherer of Christian Science Monitor.

Juvenile Justice

The number of juveniles in the custody of the Massachusetts juvenile justice system has dropped to a historic low of 730 in 2010, reports Colleen Quinn of the Milford Daily News. The number of juveniles detained before trial has also dropped, from about 300 a day to under 200, Quinn reports.

Two stories on the Utah Supreme Court case of Robert Houston, who was 17 when he raped and killed a 22-year-old woman: Lynn DeBruin of the Associated Press reports here, and Melinda Rogers of the Salt Lake Tribune reports here. Houston argues, among other things, that his sentence of life without parole is cruel and unusual punishment.


NPR reports on Jon Bon Jovi, a member of Obama’s Council for Community Solutions, is on a listening tour where he will meet with disengaged youth in different cities.