Top Headlines 6/30

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Child Welfare

Joseph Shapiro of NPR reports on the debate over Shaken Baby Syndrome, a diagnosis, he writes, that some say is “key to winning convictions” and others believe is “used too freely.”

The website rips a few pundits for their dramatic reactions to the humorous satire of night time children’s book, “Go the F**k to Sleep”, by Adam Mansbach.


Ben Mangan, CEO of EARN, writes in Huffington Post about his company’s new website, which allows students to express their own struggles with education debt.

Forcing community colleges to merge as part of state budget solutions? In North Carolina it could be a reality for small schools within 30 miles of each other, reports Christine Scarpelli of


Juvenile Justice

A juvenile locked up for a high-profile killing in Seattle, who was recently involved in a hit-and-run case, was not placed on parole upon release from a juvenile facility because of state budget cuts, reports Jake Ellison of


Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin slams the Obama administration for giving Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson an AmeriCorps grant worth $650,000 after Johnson’s past history with AmeriCorps.