Top Headlines 6/27

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Child Welfare

California is restoring the funding to child care that it recently cut, reports the Associated Press. The cuts, brought on as part of a larger effort to cut the state budget, would have affected some 56,000 children.

When stakeholders are expecting full disclosure on a child welfare death, a brief report summarizing hundreds of case file pages does not seem to satisfy, reports Beth Hundsdorfer of, a website serving Southwestern Illinois.

Columnist Jeff Ward of the Courier-News of Illinois reports on the sentiments of Catholics in the state about the decision of a Catholic Charities agency that decided to shut down foster care and adoption services rather than license couples joined in civil unions.


Indiana will become the first state in the country to require participants in job training programs to be tested for drug use, reports Ella Johnson of the Courier Press.

Give community colleges a better chance at offering technical degrees, beseeches the editorial board of the Detroit Free-Press. A bill in the Michigan House would do exactly that, including the possibility of community colleges offering nursing degrees.

Detroit’s Head Start program is in jeopardy because of the failures of the city human services department, which is being investigated by the FBI, reports Steve Neavling of the Detroit Free-Press.

Daniel Lippman and Lydia Mulvany of the Miami Herald use the story of design student Taryn Zychal to depict a criticism many have of some for-profit colleges: ineffective coursework that is not transferrable.

Juvenile Justice

Vivian Nereim of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in the first from a three-part series, reports on the often-confrontational nature of life in Pennsylvania’s private residential service providers .

A police effort in two Florida counties to visit the homes of juvenile offenders near curfew has lowered juvenile crime rates, reports Lenay Ruhl of The Bradenton Times.