Top Headlines 6/13

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Child Welfare

Reuters reports on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s estimates for child-raising costs. Middle-income parents with a child born in 2010 will spend about $227,000 over 17 years; low-income families will spend about $163,000.


Kathy McCabe of the Boston Globe looks at Massachusetts’ YouthWorks program, which will use $6 million to fund summer jobs.

The probe of for-profit colleges has come to Kentucky, reports Cheryl Truman of the Herald-Leader.

Juvenile Justice

In this brief on the Adam Walsh Act, Freeman Klopott of the Washington Examiner quotes the federal affairs counsel for the National Conference of State Legislatures in opposition to the act.  ‘

The Morris Daily Herald reports on the impact to Illinois Big Brother Big Sisters programs due to the pending elimination of the federal Mentoring Children of Prisoners program.

Associated Press article by Michael Virtanen has some in county and state law enforcement saying that violence is up at juvenile facilities and the incidents are more volatile than they used to be.  The number of juveniles in state facilities has declined from 2,313 to 627 since 2001.

In continuing to improve the Texas juvenile justice system, says Professoer William Bush in an opinion piece for the, state leaders should take a lesson from failed reforms of the past.

Sophia Voravong of Indiana’s Journal and Courier reports on the state’s new law that allows juvenile judges more leeway to divert offenders before they get a record, an option that Tippecanoe County Judge Loretta Rush tells Voravong she thoroughly intends to use.