Top Headlines 5/25

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Child Welfare

The State of Maine and the Native American tribes that reside there came to an agreement that will set up a commission to uncover and document mistreatment of Indian children involved in the child welfare system, reports Jay Field of

A Florida lawyer wants to know how a woman convicted in 1991 of child abuse was able to gain a day care operating license in 2001 and a foster care license in 2004, Jackelyn Barnard of First Coast News reports.


The number and stature of for-profit art schools are both on the rise, reports Daniel Grant of the Huffington Post.

David Leonhardt writes in The New York Times that elite colleges are also elitist when it comes to diversity.

Juvenile Justice

A blog called Ask A Woman Who Knows presents a comparison of two teens who killed an adult who was abusing them; one received life without parole, the other never did a day behind bars.

A website called has the full transcript of Assistant Attorney General Laurie Robinson’s speech at this week’s Coalition for Juvenile Justice meeting. Robinson oversees the Office of Justice Programs, which includes the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Cody Kitaura of Elk Grove Patch reports that Sacramento County, Calif. might grant early release to about 60 offenders in connection with a $70 million budget shortfall.