Top Headlines 5/19

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Child Welfare

Christopher Keating of the Hartford Courant reports on a state bill that would link cases of child abuse and cases where animal cruelty is suspected. 


Benjamin Chavis, president of Education Online Services Corp., announced on that he plans to establish an online high school aimed at helping black and Latino youth get back on track to graduate.

Some Iowa lawmakers want to gut state funds for student loans going to for-profit colleges, reports Stacy Hupp of the Des Moines Register. More than 3,000 Iowa students could lose financial aid if the plan is enacted, Hupp reports.

A leader from the Education Management Corp. wrote the New York Times with a harsh response to the newspaper’s editorial about the recruitment practices of for-profit colleges.

Negotiations are underway on raising the national debt limit, reports the Associated Press, and student loan subsidies are already on the table.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is leaning on city businesses to hire youth this summer, reports Chris Cassidy and Thomas Grillo of the Boston Herald. There will be about 7,000 applications to the summer jobs program this year, and the city has enough money to fund 250 spots.  

Juvenile Justice

A terrifically written and completely deflating piece from Alexandra Zayas, Philip Morgan and Justin George of the Tampa Bay Times about the murder of J.J. Revear, who as a young boy became a polarizing figure in Florida’s debate over how to handle juvenile offenders.