Top Headlines 4/5

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If you want to know whether your career college credits are worth the price, check with regional accreditation agencies, reports Lindsay Peterson of The Tampa Tribune.

Juvenile Justice

Cathryn Prince and Dirk Langeveld of New London Patch report on the July 2012 deadline for Connecticut to raise its juvenile age of jurisdiction to 17, which some legislators and law enforcement officials say is not feasible in tight economic times.

The Associated Press reports on a California judge, weighing the fate of four middle schoolers accused of a brutal rape, who pressed pause on the process and asked probation to give him reports on each youth to help him decide whether they should be tried as adults or juveniles.  

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an editorial by the Legal Intelligencer which wondered, in the wake of the juvenile court scandal in Pennsylvania, why the state’s chief justice did not think judicial training should be mandatory?