Top Headlines 2/18

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Child Welfare

Randy Ellis of The Oklahoman reports on a local study that found high rates of abuse for kids while they are in state foster care, and the more than half of the youths experience four or more placements during their time in state custody. 

A child law expert argues against opening juvenile court records in a piece for the Silicon Valley Mercury-News.


Doug Lederman of Inside Higher Ed reports that the House is poised to block any gainful employment rule aimed at regulating for-profit colleges with an amendment to the 2011 spending bill. The Senate will almost certainly defeat the amendment, Lederman reports.

A number of Democrats, including some members of the Congressional Black Caucus are “actively shilling” for the gainful employment block, according to this report from Talking Points Memo reporter Brian Beutler. 

Kentucky network Lex18 reports that in an effort to boost black enrollment, the state’s community and technical colleges are looking to churches for help

Foluke Downs of NBC Philadelphia reports on a local study that found most city “dropouts” are actually “pushed out.”

Gazette-Virginian reporter Sonny Riddle reports on what the local impact might be if funding for the federal Workforce Investment Act went away.  A similar impact story can be found here in Wisconsin’s Ashland Current.

Juvenile Justice

As the jury deliberates for a second day in the Luzerne County court scandal, defendant Mark Ciavarella got chatty (off the record) with reporters covering the trial.

Update: Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella has been convicted on 12 of 39 charges, including the top charge of racketeering.