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 Child Welfare

The Idaho Reporter’s Brad Iverson-Long writes that Idaho’s foster care and child welfare services are on the chopping block due to the state’s struggling economy.

UPI reports from Stockholm, Sweden on an investigation showing children in Sweden’s state institutions suffer from violence and sexual abuse.


George Skelton of the Los Angeles Times digs into the community college state funding dilemma in California and finds it’s not Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed student fee increase that would cause the most problems; it’s the funding priority of K-12 over community colleges in Brown’s proposed plan. According to one estimate, the governor’s budget plan would increase the number of community college students turned away from classes by 350,000.

The New York City Council held a hearing Monday to debate the merits of a Brookings Institute study last year that called into question the greatly publicized successes of Geoffrey Canada's Harlem Children's Zone. More from WNYC News’ Beth Fertig.

The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) is hosting a webinar tomorrow, Feb. 2 from 3 to 4 p.m. titled, “Road to Shared Prosperity: Fighting for Economic Security through Grassroots Advocacy. Register here for a discussion on the policy battles affecting low-income families in the 112th Congress.

Juvenile Justice

Acting OJJDP Administrator Jeff Slowikowski and assistant attorney general for the Office of Justice Programs Laurie O. Robinson co-byline this piece in the Baltimore Sun that criticizes "scared straight" programs. The Arts and Entertainment cable network is now in the midst of a series that looks at the programs in a favorable light.

TBD’s Amanda Hess examines Maryland and Virginia legislators’ rethinking the sex offender registry.

In Wyoming, more counties are complying with federal guidelines that discourage imprisoning juveniles for minor offenses, according to Joshua Wolfson of the Casper Star-Tribune (Wyo.)