The Social and Educational Factors Contributing to the Outcomes of Black Males in Urban Schools

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The Council of the Great City Schools

The council, for the first time, tried to measure exactly the extent of challenges facing black males in six key areas:

  • Readiness to learn.
  • Black male achievement on the National Assessment of Education Progress.
  • Black male achievement on the National Assessment of Educational Progress in big city schools.
  • College and career preparedness.
  • School experience.
  • Postsecondary experience.

The report documents the hardships facing black males from birth (infant mortality is higher among black mothers), through their living arrangements (many live in poverty in single- parent homes) to their relatively poor performance in school.

Analyzing the academic distance between black boys and their white male counterparts, the study’s authors declare it a “national catastrophe” and call for a national, White House-coordinated effort to address the achievement gap.

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