Audit OKs ACF Process for Awarding Recovery Act Funds

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Administration for Children and Families Child Care Bureau—Internal Control Review of the Process for Awarding American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

The Child Care Bureau of the U.S. Administration for Children and Families gave out its federal Recovery Acts funds properly, says this report from the inspector general at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Recovery Act, passed in 2009 to help stimulate the economy, provided $2 billion in supplemental discretionary funding to the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF), administered by the Child Care Bureau. The money, awarded to the states through formula grants, is intended to help parents who are working or seeking work, or who are in job training or education programs. The states use the money to provide vouchers for child care or access to care through contracts with providers.

The inspector general’s office looked at such issues as grant eligibility requirements, efforts to publicize the program, application procedures and reports on operations funded by the grants.

The report looked only at whether the procedures were in accordance with laws and regulations, and says “we express no opinion on the operating effectiveness” of those procedures.

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